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  • League Play...
  • Waivers
  • Trading Players
  • Playoffs
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    The Offensive / Defensive Stats used:

  • Passing, Rushing and Receiving Yards and Td's, Receptions, Field Goals, Extra Pts.

  • Sacks, Fumble recoveries, Interceptions, Safeties, Td's scored, Shutouts, Points Allowed

  • Daily / Weekly Update Reports

  • Your reports are available at any time. They are also fully customizable.
    They include :
    Standings, Franchise Info, Transactions, Starting Lineups, Head-To-Head, Rosters, League Scoring, League Rules/History, Top Performers, Draft Report, Bar Chart, Wkly Results, Starter Pts - Position, Starter Pts - Player, Non-Starter Pts - Position, Wkly Summary, Waivers, Injury Report, NFL Schedule.

    You can see a Sample League here.

  • League Play

  • Each week your team will play one of the other 11 teams in your league. During the 13 week regular season, you will play the 3 teams in your division twice, and 7 of the other 8 teams once.

  • Every week you have the option to change your line up, request Waivers, and make Trades. Comparisons will be made in 14 statistical categories to determine the winner in each "Head to Head" game.

  • Lineup Submission Deadline: Gametime - Players are locked at scheduled kickoff of their game.

  • For week #1, if you do not submit a line up, we will randomly select the starters for you.

  • If an Owner goes 2 consecutive weeks without submitting a line up, (or contacting us), we will try to contact you. If we do not get a response, we will assume you have dropped the team. (Owners will also lose their team if they fail to submit a lineup 3 times during the regular season)

  • If you drop or lose your team, there is no refund.

  • Click here for more details on Submitting a Lineup.

  • Sandbagging will NOT be allowed at anytime. If it is deemed you are NOT starting your best players on a regular basis you will forfeit ownership of ALL of your teams.
    - Not starting your best players in an attempt to enhance next season's draft spot, or help a friend win will not be allowed at anytime.

  • Any Team owner deemed by us and/or members of that person's league has become disruptive, and attempts to sabotage the league in any way will be warned. Should the disruption continue, that owner will be lose his/her teams.

  • If we see what we consider to be "collusion", we will contact both owners and warn them. If it happens again, one or both of them will be dropped from the league.

  • Players that are traded cannot be dropped for 3 days. (same as the Waivers).

    - Click here to see our policy on Trades .

  • We do not give refunds if your team is dropped. We also do not refund for the instances mentioned above.

  • Waivers

  • After the rosters are set, all players not on a team can be picked up during the Waivers process.

  • There is one round of Waivers after the Pre-season draft, and before Week #1 of the NFL season.

  • During the Season, we process the Waivers each Tuesday and Wednesday evening, and post the results immediately. (you will also receive an e-mail as they are processed)

  • The selection order for Waivers during the season goes in reverse order of the current year-to-date record of each team. (tiebreaker = least points scored).
  • There are 2 rounds, and they are processed seperately.

  • For Week #1, the order for Waivers goes in reverse order of the previous year's final results.

  • Click here for more help / information on Player Waivers.

  • You can start a Waiver selection the same week he is aquired.

  • Your Roster will contain a maximum of 18 spots.

    At all times - A minimum of QB-1, RB's-2, WR/TE's-3, K-1, DT-1

  • Your Starters are : QB's= 1, RB's= 2, WR's/TE's= 3, K= 1, DT= 1.

  • Be sure to keep track of how many players you have. If you have a full Roster (18 players), and try to pick up a player, you MUST list a player to drop. If not, you will not get your Waiver selection.

  • A player dropped from a team IS eligible to be picked up on the next Waiver wire.

  • No Waiver pick-ups during the playoffs.

  • The weekly Waiver draft slots cannot be traded.

  • Click here for more details on picking up Waivers.

  • Trades

  • Before and during the season you can contact the other owners in your league to discuss strategies and to work out trades. Trades can be of almost any type, 2 for 1, 3 for 2, etc. You can submit a trade to an Owner automatically. Once he/she receives it, he/she simply clicks the "Approve" or "Disapprove" button on their league webpage.

  • The commissioner then receives the trade, and will approve or disapprove it within 24 hours. (Note: Trades made late on a Saturday will most likely NOT go through before the Sunday NFL games)

  • During the regular season, a player traded from one team cannot be traded from the same owner back to the original team for 4 weeks. This is to prevent "collusion", and to keep Owners from trading players back and forth weekly.

  • Trading Deadline: The day before the NFL Week 8 games start. ** Trades must be completed (both owners have agreed) BEFORE the trade deadline.

  • If you traded 1 player for 2, and now have too many, you must drop a player. You will NOT be able to submit Waivers OR a Lineup if your Roster exceeds 18 Players.

  • All trades will be subject to the Commissioner's approval and should be done in the spirit of fair play.

  • We reserve the right to "reverse" a trade if it is the best interest of the league.

  • Click here to see the criteria we use to Approve or Disapprove Trades.

  • Playoffs

  • Your team will play a 13 week season. After the final week, 6 Teams will make the Championship Playoffs:
  • 3 Division Winners
  • 2 Wild Card Teams
  • The next best team, IF they are 7-6 or better.
    - or -
  • 1 Team from the rest, with the most points scored

  • See a sample Playoff Bracket and Tiebreakers.

    * Week 14 Playoffs:
    - The Top 2 Division Winners have a bye.
    - The #3 Seed plays the #6 Seed.
    - The #4 Seed plays the #5 Seed.

    * Week 15 Semi-Finals:
    - #1 Seed plays winner of the #4-#5 seeds game.
    - #2 Seed plays winner of the #3-#6 seeds game.

    * Week 16 Championship Finals:
    - The two semi-final winners play each other for the Championship.
    - The two semi-final losers play each other for 3rd place.

  • See a sample Playoff Bracket and Tiebreakers.

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

  • Note: Teams with an * next to their name are not eligible for the Playoffs.

  • Plaques are awarded to the top 3 teams in each league ! (or you may choose Sports Cards or "$$ credit", etc)
  • We also award a Manager of the Year trophy. One for multiple-team owners, and one for single-team owners.

    * * * Pre-season draft order * * *

  • This is how the Pre-season draft is set for existing leagues each year:

    Example for each round of next season's Pre-season draft:
    1st pick - 12th Place team - Regular Season.
    2nd pick- 11th Place team - Regular Season.
    3rd pick- 10th Place team - Regular Season.
    4th pick- 9th Place team - Regular Season.
    5th pick- 8th Place team - Regular Season.
    6th pick- 7th Place team - Regular Season.
    7th pick- Championship Playoffs - 6th Place team.
    8th pick- Championship Playoffs - 5th Place team.
    9th pick- Championship Playoffs - 4th Place team.
    10th pick- Championship Playoffs - 3rd Place team.
    11th pick- Championship Playoffs - Runner-up team.
    12th pick- Championship Playoffs - Winner.

    Click here for Tie-breaker information

  • Miscellaneous

  • Off season rules:

  • In early August, you will be able to protect 1 QB, 2 RB's, 3 WR/TE's, 1 K and 1 DT, PLUS one other player of your choosing.

  • Off-season Trading starts in August. (after the cutdowns are made)

  • All leagues are continuous, that way all your hard work does not just go away when the season ends.

  • Before each new season begins, each league will participate in a 9-round Pre-Season draft, to include the NFL Rookies also.

  • Click here to see the Prize list.

  • Click here to see the Dream Sports Calendar of Events.

  • There are occasional free contests in which the winner and others will win free Sports cards, Sports Plaques, and/or free play. (pick the winner contests, high points in your league on a certain week ,etc..)

  • Dream Sports reserves the right to amend any of the rules and regulations in the best interest of fairness and competitiveness.

  • ......Scoring Table
    Quarterbacks, Running Backs and Receivers
    Passing / Rushing / Receiving Touchdowns 4 points
    Passing Yards 1 point for every 15 yards
    Rushing Yards 1 point for every 5 yards
    Receiving Yards 1 point for every 10 yards
    Passing Receptions 0.5 points for every Reception
    Interception -1 point each
    2 Point Conversions 1 point
    0-29 yards Field goal....... 2 points
    30-39 yards Field goal 3 points
    40-49 yards Field goal 4 points
    50+ yards Field goal 5 points
    Extra Point 1 point
    Defense Scoring Table
    Touchdowns 4 points
    Fumble Recoveries 3 points
    Interceptions 3 points
    Sacks 3 points
    Safeties 3 points
    Shut Out 5 points
    2-3 Points Allowed 3 points
    4-10 Points Allowed 1 point

  • The points are not rounded off.
    Example :
    17 yards receiving = 1.7 pts
    20 yards receiving = 2.0 pts

  • For more answers to your questions, please see our F.A.Q.'s page.

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