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  • Weekly Lineups

  • Here at Dream Sports we use the "Best Ball" method.

    "Best Ball" lineup means that instead of submitting a starting lineup each week, the system will use the players on each roster that generate the best possible score each week. (1 QB, 2 RB's, 3 WR/TE's, 1 PK, 1 DEF)

  • There are many advantages of using this method:

  • Because of Covid, many NFL players have missed time, sometimes at the last minute.

  • Players have been put on the Covid list on Thursday and Sunday at the last minute.

  • You could start someone for the Thursday night game that gets put out of the game at the last minute. (Then you have to live with the ZERO points)

  • With waivers still on Tuesday and Wednesday, there is no rush to put in a lineup on Thursday for players playing that night.

  • For multi-team owners, things are easier.

  • The first couple of weeks in the NFL has been chaos. With little or no playing by a lot of NFL Starters in the pre-season games, some starters for Fantasy Football will not even be known.

  • Best Ball eliminates the frustrating problem we have all suffered in the past when a starter gets hurt during warm ups or in the first quarter of a game and doesn't start or return.

  • Player injuries are on the increase. Best Ball is the best method to deal with this.

  • The London Games start VERY early for us. Now you don't have to make Lineup decisions at 3am. (More frequest London Games are also coming soon)

    Another good benefit of Best Ball: Eliminates TANKING at the end of the season.

    * The dreaded GTD designation. (Game Time Decision) It's never been fair to Fantasy Football enthusiasts that some starters are not known until just before the game starts. This is especially bad if you have a player going Sunday afternoon or on Monday.

  • Even with "Best Ball", everything else is the same:

    - Same weekly schedule, Head to Head Matchups.
    - The draft remains the same.
    - The Waivers process remains the same.
    - The Trade process hasn't changed.
    - The Playoffs are the same.
    - You will still need your Team building skills.

    Roster Expansion:

  • There are Two Roster Expansion periods. One after the 3rd week Games (2 Players) and one just before the last 3 Games (2 Players)

    Best Ball Strategies:

  • Get your NFL RB and WR backups and possibly your best QB's backup. If your starter is injured before the game, first quarter, etc. you might then be ok.

  • Be sure to have a backup Kicker and Defense. With Bye's and COVID, you never know when your backup will come into play.

  • Track your Player bye weeks. Be sure you are not short at a position due to Bye's, Injuries, Covid, etc.

  • Never have an open spot on your team for more than a week. With Best Ball, any player is better than an open spot.
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