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The "Richard Juline Memorial" Manager of the Year Award
(Engraved Plaques or Trophies are awarded to each winner)
Year Single-team Owner Multiple-team Owner
2020 David W
Eric Toczek
Rob Richter
Paul Ensinger
2019 Ken Sanders Derek Tapp
2018 Gaylord Lambrecht Bob Winkler
2017 Joshua Valone Bob Winkler
2016 Wayne Law Bryan Rudd
2015 Zayne Rice Rocky Barbone
2014 Wayne Law James Harris
2013 Ron Hollaway Joe Adams
2012 Bobby Miller Aaron Martin
2011 Eric Lanard Paul McCallum
Art Walker
2010 Eric Lanard
Nancy Giebel
Joe Adams
2009 James Carps Art Walker
2008 Thorsten Muehlhausen Art Walker
2007 Eric Larnard Rocky Barbone
2006 Tim Vassalotti Bill Siskovic
2005 Kevin Cockrell Art Walker
2004 Steven Vance Bill Siskovic
2003 Jeremy Griswold Jim Edwards
2002 Jim Risley Mark Horan
2001 Steven Volk Al Beckner
2000 Dan Pendergast Joel Bailey
1999 Mark Willis Coulter Gaddy
1998 Paul Weis Frank Corapi
Bill Butch
Frank Corapi
Ed Hill
Richard Juline
Mark Lees
Richard Allison
Glen Dana
1993 Aaron Marsh -------
Lou Mclennon
Tom Jensen
.... ....
Award was not yet activated
Who was Richard Juline ?
Dick was a regular customer of ours for almost 10 years, almost from the beginning of Dream Sports in 1988.

He won several Fantasy Baseball and Football championships, and was selected as "Manager of the year" twice. (once each in Baseball and Football)

.... He is missed as a friend as well as a fellow competitor, as he was also a Team Owner in the Commish league.

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