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  • Fantasy Football Tips

  • Pre-season Drafting - Study the NFL Depth charts, our Player Projections, and check out how the players performed the previous year under our Scoring system, to help you rank them.

  • Take a chance on a Rookie running back somewhere in the draft.

  • Reports / Newsletter - Be sure to read the Weekly Newsletter for insights, comments, etc. from the Commissioner. Be sure to see the many Reports available to you online, such as Ranking players, scouting Free agents, etc.

  • Free Agents - Be sure to use the customizable Free Agent Ranking Reports provided for you online at all times. Remember, a good free agent that is hurt and has missed a few weeks will not be near the top of the rankings, so keep an eye on them.

    * Try to get your NFL players' backups on your team if you have room. For example, in the 2017 season, if you had Carson Wentz, you should have tried to get Nick Foles on your team.

  • Rosters - NEVER have an open spot on your Roster for more than 2 weeks. ANY player is better than no player, especially with Bye weeks, and injuries taking it's toll on your roster.

    * Keep the NFL Bye weeks in mind. For example, in 2020, if your two defenses were the Seahawks and Dolphins, you would have been in trouble, because they were off the same week !

    * Quarterbacks : Dual talented QB's are a premium. When Randall Cunningham and Steve Young were at their best, no-one could touch them for Fantasy Football scoring. Their rushing totals each week were incredible. Players like D Culpepper, R Gannon, M Vick, S McNair, etc. were great Fantasy Football QB's. If Your QB can't run, he better have a good arm AND the Receivers. Players like Lamar Jackson offer a premium!

    * Running Backs : Look for RB's on teams that like to ground it out. Bucs, Broncos, Steelers, Bears, etc. I don't usually like fullbacks, unless they are the go-to guy most of the time at the goal line.

    * Receivers : Watch out for WR's on running teams. Look at the teams that like to, or have to throw a lot. Raiders, Patriots, KC, etc.

    * Kickers : Look for traditionally high scoring teams, Rams, Vikings, Broncos, etc. Teams that know how to move the ball downfield. These teams always keep their kickers busy. Another way to find a good kicker is to look at the teams that have problems in the "red zone". The Dolphins are an example.

    * Defenses : Good overall NFL teams usually always have a good defense.
    Look for teams that get a lot of sacks.

  • Trades - Everyone has their own philosophy on trades, here is mine: I have played in other leagues since 1983, and my strategy has always been to trade 2-3 decent players for 1 great player. The way I see it, I can always replace the decent players with Free agents, but I usually can't get a great player in the Free agent pool.

    Also, if someone contacts ME with a trade, I figure I have the advantage, because they want something from me. Don't always accept a first offer, always ask for a better player than what they are offering.

    * Be careful over-valuing players. For example, everyone knows I'm a huge Dolphin fan. But I wouldn't trade good, young players just to get a Dolphin player.
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