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  • Please try these below, we have solved about 99% of problems with them:

  • In addition to using either IE 5.5 or later or NS 7 or later, you'll also need to have javascript and cookie support enabled. While these are the default settings on the above mentioned browsers, if you are behind a firewall of some sort, then this could easily be blocking either or both from getting through.

  • Lower your "Cookie" acceptance settings on your browser, so that your browser "allows" cookies.

  • Assuming you're using Internet Explorer, when you try to log in, the bottom status bar - do you see a red circle, with a slash through it? If so, double-click on that red circle, and it should give you detailed instructions on how to turn on cookies for Internet Explorer.

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    On your Browser (Internet Explorer) Go to Tools > Internet Options > Privacy tab.

    If the setting is currently defined as 'Block All Cookies', change it to 'High'. (or all the way down to "Accept all Cookies")

    If your setting is anything other than 'Block All Cookies', click on the Edit button to add 'myfantasyleague.com' to Always Allow cookies to be used.

    If you are using NS 7, check the following:

    Go to Edit > Preferences > Privacy & Security > Cookies.

    If the setting is currently defined as 'Disable Cookies', change it to anything else.

    * If your work computer is behind a corporate firewall (or your home computer is behind a personal firewall) that is blocking cookies to the myfantasyleague.com site, then in this case, you will have to contact your company's IT department to allow cookies/access to the 'myfantasyleague.com' domain.

    * It's possible your PC's date is incorrectly defined. Please correct to the proper date