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Dream Sports Fantasy Football

  • FREE Survivor Contest

  • Pick a team to WIN each week beginning with Week #1 of the NFL (MUST make 1st pick before the first NFL game starts), and through Week # 17 of the NFL season.

    Survive Longest to Win!

    * * 2018 Season Winners* *

  • Go 12 Weeks - Win a Free Season
  • California lg / Shattered Dreams
  • Blanda lg / Turf Toe
  • Bradshaw lg / Shark Attack
  • Young lg / Chuckleheads
  • California / BSer

  • Go 11 Weeks - Win $15 Credit

  • Go 10 Weeks - Win $10 Credit
  • Griese lg / Ertinghausen Sparrows

  • Go 9 Weeks - Win $5 Credit
  • Payton lg / Mudskippers

    If you're not familiar with survivor pools, they're quite simple - basically, each owner picks the winner of one NFL game for the upcoming week of the season. If you pick correctly, you go on and can pick in the following week. If you pick incorrectly, you are out, and cannot pick in any subsequent weeks.

    * * An owner may only pick an NFL team once for the entire season.* *

    Owners may submit their picks via the "For Owners > Survivor Pool" option on your league pages.

    Be sure to make your week #1 pick soon. (you must pick in the 1st week to be eligible to continue)

    ** If there are NO teams making it to Week 11, we will roll back the weeks so there are some winners **

  • Rules

  • Your Fantasy Football team(s) must be paid up-to-date to be eligible.
  • You MUST enter in week #1 to be eligible for this free contest.
  • Pick one team to win each week (NO POINT SPREADS) beginning with Week #1 of the NFL season, and through week #17 of the NFL season. Survive Longest to Win!
  • An owner may only pick an NFL team once for the entire season.
  • If the team you have selected wins you advance to the next week. If the team you selected lost you are out of the game.
  • If you fail to make a pick in any week, you are out of the contest.
  • If you pick a Team on a "bye" week, you are out of the contest.

    Special Conditions:

  • Rainouts/ cancelled/ unofficial suspended games will automatically advance.
  • If the game ends in a tie both selections count as a loss.
  • NOTE : NO Default Picks. If no pick is made, automatic loss.

  • (Note: To be eligible for the free Dream Sports Contests,
    Team Owners must be up to date on team fees,
    and must be keeping a Team next season)

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