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  • Waivers instructions.

  • Note: If you traded 1 player for 2, and now have too many, you must drop a player. You will NOT be able to submit Waivers OR a Lineup if your Roster exceeds 18 Players.

  • Pre-season Waiver round: We will be holding ONE round of Waiver selections, before the season starts, and ONE round right after the season starts. (right after the opening Thursday NFL game).
    Dates for the Waiver rounds to be sent by e-mail.

  • The Waiver selection order for pre-sesaon Waivers is the same as the pre-season draft order.

  • In Season Waiver rounds: Starting after Week #1 in the NFL, and all during our regular season, Waiver requests are due by each Tuesday and Friday evening (check your League Calendar link for exact times).

  • The selection order for Waivers during the season goes in reverse order of the current year-to-date record of each team. (tiebreaker = least points scored).

  • There are 2 rounds, and they are processed seperately.

  • We process the Waivers each Tuesday and Friday evening, and post the results immediately. (you will also receive an e-mail as they are processed)

  • The Waiver "slots" cannot be traded.

  • Remember to drop a player if you will be over the limit. (18 spots max) If no player was listed to drop, and you have 18 Players on your Roster, you will not get your Waiver selection.

  • All Players that are dropped each week become eligible for Waivers the following week.

  • For Friday Waivers, be sure you DON'T try to pick up or drop a player that just played Thursday. (your Waiver request won't go through)

  • Week #13 is the final week for Waiver transactions (The Tuesday and Friday of week 13).

  • Step-by-step instructions:

  • * Start from your usual starting point of : League Webpages

    * Click on your league name.

    * On the next page, click on "Waivers" and "your team name".

    * Click on the "go" button.

    1 - From the "Player/Team To Add:" list, select the player you would like to pick up.

    2 - From the "Player/Deam To Drop:" list, select the player from your roster that you would like to drop, assuming that you are able to pick up the desired player from step 1 above.

    3 - Click on the "Add to List" button.

    4 - Repeat steps 1 through 3 above for any pick you'd like to attempt in this round.

    5 - Once you're done, you may change the priority order for your picks using the "Move Pick Up" and "Move Pick Down" buttons. Or, you may remove a pick by clicking on the "Remove From List" button.

    6 - Now that your picks are prioritized, click on the "Save Round 1 Picks and Continue" button to get confirmation of your round 1 picks.

    7 - Optionally, if you'd like to make picks for round 2, you will be given the opportunity to select round 2 picks at this time.

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